Coalition Asks Congress to Protect Horseshoe Crabs

October 22, 2020
Leaders of the Horseshoe Crab Recovery Coalition briefed congressional staffers on the plight of the American Horseshoe Crab, urging greater adoption of a synthetic alternative to the blood of this ancient species, widely used in testing vaccines and other biopharmaceutical products. The virtual briefing was titled: Conserving Wildlife While Maintaining Human Safety. Click to open PDF.

Conservation groups want to end commercial harvest of horseshoe crabs at Cape Romain

October 20, 2020
Charleston Post and Courier – Shamira McCray

A Tale of Two Species

October 9, 2020
Oceans on Nautilus – Deborah Cramer

Comment Regarding the Citizen Petition from bioMerieux: FDA-2020-P-1405-0001

September 24, 2020
Read the full document, signed by numerous groups in Atlantic Coastal States and beyond who care about birds, writing to support bioMerieux’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Citizen Petition, calling on the FDA to recognize the synthetic alternative to horseshoe crab blood for biomedical use.